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Join us for a class at The Inn Keeper's Kitchen. To register, call the Inn at 610-399-1390.

A Sampling of our Winemaker Dinners & Craft Beer Series

Craft Beer Series - pictures from previous events:
Bells Brewery & Canoe Ridge Wines (Apr'15) Pictures of Dinner
Stone & Lagunitas (Apr'15) Pictures of Dinner
Boulevarde & Deschutes (Mar'15) Pictures of Dinner
Mason-Dixon Battle (Feb'15) Pictures of Dinner
River Horse Brewery & Wine (Feb'15) Pictures of Dinner
Dogfish Brewery & Washington State Wines (Feb'15) Pictures of Dinner
Ommegang & Bells (Jan'15) Pictures of Dinner

Winemaker Dinner Series - pictures of previous events:
DeLoach Winery (Jan'15) Pictures of Dinner
Duckhorn Winery (Feb'15) Pictures of Dinner
Artesa (Mar'15) Dinner Menu

ONLINE Class Reservation
If we are not in our office or unable to answer the phone, the best way to reserve your seat is to click CLASS REQUEST. We will call you back to confirm your reservation or waiting list status. Please wait 10 seconds or so for the reservation system to respond after you click submit for your request.

Super Tuscans 10/1 7-9pm
Oktoberfest - An adventure in Traditional Wine & Beer of Germany 10/2 7-9pm
Lobster & Chardonnay 10/3 7-9pm
Wines of Mendoza Argentina 10/8 7-9pm
Sunset in Sonoma 10/9 7-9pm
Steakhouse Night Wine Dinner - Autumn Dinner 10/11 7-9pm
28th Annual Dilworthtown Wine Festival 2018 10/13 12-4pm
Autumn Wines Enjoyed by the Fireplace 10/15 7-9pm
Exploration of the Southern Hemisphere 10/16 7-9pm
Super Tuscans 10/17 7-9pm
Wines of the Silverado Trail: Napa Valley Series 10/22 7-9pm
Autumn Harvest - Fine Wines for Cool Nights 10/23 7-9pm
Ghosts of Dilworthtown: Part 6 10/24 7-9pm
Lobster Lovers - Lobster & Sparkling Wines from Around the World 10/25 7-9pm
Lobster Lovers - Lobster & Sparkling Wines from Around the World 10/30 7-9pm

Steakhouse Night - South American Inspired 11/1 7-9pm
Seafood with White & Red Burgundy 11/5 7-9pm
Mastering the Mediterranean 11/6 7-9pm
Seafood House - By the Bay 11/8 7-9pm
Winemaker Series: Silver Oak 11/9 7-9pm
Holiday Season Wines 11/12 7-9pm
The Rhone Rangers 11/13 7-9pm
Steakhouse Night - South American Inspired 11/16 7-9pm
A Tuscany Harvest Dinner 11/19 7-9pm
French Country Dinner - Bistro Cuisine and Classic French Wines 11/20 7-9pm
Seafood House - By the Bay 11/22 7-9pm
Steakhouse Night - South American Inspired 11/23 7-9pm
Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon Surf 'N Turf 11/26 7-9pm
Champagne, Lobster and Caviar 11/27 7-9pm
Steakhouse Night - South American Inspired 11/29 7-9pm